Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 319- A Business First

I needed to go get a few things from the grocery store tonight. Laura and Hannah Grace are both feeling kind of bad so Joel and I went. I had an idea for a "first."  I thought about praying for a few businesses in town and leaving them a note that said someone had prayed for them over the weekend. I've prayed for churches and I'm glad I have done that.  Much of our lives are lived at our jobs. How many of you need some prayer at your jobs?  Laura liked the idea and wanted to participate.  Since she and Hannah Grace were feeling bad she wrote the notes and I delivered them. I prayed for a few businesses in town and left them a note for my "first."

Joel went with me and helped me to put the cards on the doors of a few businesses.  We did think about what the police might think if they saw us at the door of a closed business after dark on a Saturday night. I've never had a jail ministry from inside the jail before but thankfully I did not have to do that tonight.  We would drive up to a place of business, place the card, and then pray for them. Laura prayed at home.  Joel and I had a good time doing this together.

While we were doing this it occurred to me that we pray for our churches a lot and we should. We should also pray for the places where we work (church and work is the same for me but not for most people). We spend a lot of time at the places where we work.  We probably have more opportunities to share Christ with people that don't know Him at work than at church. We probably have more opportunities to shine as lights in the darkness at work.  It is possible that you might have a temptation or two at work that you don't have at church.

Let's keep praying really hard for our churches.  Let's also pray as we go to work each day that we can do a great job at work while shining and sharing the love of Christ.  We will have opportunities to share Christ at work with people who may never go to church. Let's make the most of those opportunities.  Don't forget to encourage and build up the believers that work with you.  We all need all the encouragement that we can get to let Jesus shine through us!

Working in the abundant life,

3 things I thank God for today
1. Christian business owners
2. Walking with Joel today
3. Cashews

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