Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 321- A Life Saving First

I have been teaching a Bible study on Monday nights to a few of our church folks.  We have been meeting in people's homes because it is more comfortable and relaxed in that atmosphere than having it at church. Tonight, the house we were going to was invaded by the flu and strep. We chose to pray for them and not to go there.

One of our ladies in the Bible Study is the nurse manager at a local ministry; Sav-a-Life.  The director of Sav-a-Life is also a member of our church and she was in the Tuesday night study that ended last week (insert a tear for the sadness for that study ending right here).  They offered to let us have our Bible study at the Sav-a-Life building tonight.  I taught a Bible Study at the Sav-a-Life ministry and had an informative tour of the ministry for my "first."

Many people think of Sav-a-Life as a place that helps prevent abortions.  They certainly do that.  The ministry is much bigger than simply trying to stop abortions.  They share the message of Christ with all the clients that come in.  That is a big hallelujah right there. In the course of a year, they will share the Gospel of Christ with people that our churches may never get a chance to do so. They help young ladies to know how to care for themselves and their unborn babies during pregnancy. They also teach parenting classes.  This ministry even has a little baby boutique where they can "buy" items for their newborn baby.  It does not cost them money. They can earn credits by taking parenting classes and use those credits to buy baby items. The Dads can do this as well.  That's what I would call a double win.  You learn how to be a good parent and earn credits to buy clothes at the same time.  When I walk around the ministry and meet some of the people who minister there, I just have to say thank you Jesus for people who are  ministering in a way and to a people that I will not be able to very much.

Yay for Nurse Jan

Sure looks like a baby at around 12 weeks

Baby boutique

Sonogram room; one of the guys suggested she do one on me but I told them that it was poppyseed chicken and broccoli in there

Baby at about 22 weeks; sure looks like a baby

From 6-9 weeks

Praise God for the people who minister at Sav-a-Life and for the people who support the ministry.  Without workers, there would be no one to minister to the ladies (and sometimes Dads to be) that come in. Without supporters, there would be no money to operate the ministry.  I was reminded tonight that God is a God of life. I'm so glad.  Only God can plant life in a lady's body.  Only God can preserve that life to the point of birth.  What a miracle that the little baby at just a few weeks old has hands and feet and an oversized head.  The parts are there.  It's also a miracle that God puts a love into a parent's heart for that child.  If someone treated me like my children did when they were less than 2, I would not be friends with them. I would not put up with others waking me up in the middle of the night screaming because they were hungry.  I would not put up with others who had no consideration for when I needed to sleep.  I sure would not put up with someone else making a mess in their pants and expecting me to clean it up.  Yet, we do that for our children and it does not diminish our love at all (OK, maybe just a tad at 3 a.m.).

God's love is far stronger than ours.  There is a verse in the Bible that reminds me of God's great Father love to His children. Matthew 7:11, "If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!" If I did not believe the Bible, I might take exception to that verse.  Really?? I'm an evil father?  I may not be evil compared to some Dad down the road, but I'm evil compared to God.  Though I feel like I love my children (and wife) as much as I possibly can, God loves us so much more. When you get to feeling like you've just disappointed God so much that He can't possibly love you any more, remember the cross of Jesus. That's a great picture of His love. If you are a parent, remember the love that you have for your children and know that is a drop compared to the ocean of love God has for us. 

Thank God for Sav-a-Life (if you have a Sav-a-Life ministry near you, why not stop by and see what they do; at least you can pray for them tonight). Thank God that He is a God of life.  He gave you yours, don't forget.

Glad God is a God of abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Ministry of Sav-a-Life
2. Bible studies
3. Medicines that help people with the flu

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