Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 336- A Glitter Appreciation First

I took Hannah Grace to the orthodontist today.  Afterwards, she requested a trip to Sonic for a grilled cheese sandwich and tater tot treat. She emphasized that she did not eat much at lunch. She said that all she had for lunch was a fun size Nestle Crunch bar that someone gave her and the inside of someone's Oreo that was given to her. This was pretty disturbing to me.  We send a lunch and she eats that?? By the way, those little candy bars are not fun size.  The great big ones are the real fun size!!  They are a lot more fun.  My "first" could have been hearing that my daughter ate the inside of someone's Oreo for lunch.

A young lady brought out the grilled cheese, tater tots, and grape slush to us.  After I paid and tipped her, she went back inside and I started to drive off.  Hannah Grace mentioned that she needed some ketchup and salt.  It seems like that would be included with the tots.So, I pulled back in and asked for salt and ketchup.  Hannah Grace wondered if the same girl would bring out the salt and ketchup that brought the grilled cheese.  I said probably. Hannah Grace said that she really liked the glitter on her eyelids.  When the same girl came back out, I did notice that she had quite the glitter thing going on her eyelids and just above the eyelids.  I told the waitress at Sonic that my daughter loved the glitter on her eyelids for my "first."

I've never complimented someone about glitter on eyelids before.  To be honest, I did not know she had that until Hannah Grace made me aware of it. Hannah Grace thought this should be my "first" for today and so it is. When I told Hannah Grace that I should have told the girl that I liked it, she disagreed because she said that might have been a little creepy.  Nothing like a 7th grader to keep a Dad from being creepy.  That is definitely not what I am aiming for in a compliment.

Things I do see and appreciate!!

It was not surprising that Hannah Grace noticed the eye glitter and I did not today.  She is much more into fashion and facial accessories than I am. As long as I don't have something gross on my face, I feel like I'm doing well.  Hannah Grace notices things like earrings, glitter, necklaces, how colors match, etc.  She is much more in tune with seeing those things than I am and I feel like that's the way it ought to be given our situations in life.

I started thinking about what I notice.  The thing I want to notice is how God is at work around me. God is always at work around me.  Jesus said in John 5:17, "In his defense Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.”   God is at work in the world, the people around me, and in me. What I need is to be sensitive and aware of what God is doing so I can join Him in His work.  God gives us ways to notice. When a particular verse of Scripture shows up in my life several times in a short period of time that may be God alerting me to something  When I see someone several times that I don't normally see that may be God alerting me to His work.  When I pray for someone and then see them later that very day, I should ask God if He is up to something here.  If someone talks to me about church or spiritual things, I should look for what God is doing in that conversation.

I'm glad God is still at work in His world. I desperately need Him and it is such a privilege to be included in the grand story God is writing in our world. That is something and Someone worth giving your life for and to. Nothing can compare to being in on what God is doing!

Looking for God at work in the abundant life,

3 things I thank God for today
1. He is at work in His world.
2. Glitter
3. Grilled cheese

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