Monday, December 29, 2014

Day 363- A Sports With The Son First

Today I played darts and did some baseball drills with Joel for my "first."

We were visiting some dear friends of ours tonight. We all enjoyed visiting with these special friends.  Hannah Grace said for me to put on my blog that she had a lot of fun with Lauren. They invited Joel and me to play darts.  They have a nice dart board with some nice darts.  Joel and I have never played darts together. I've played a time or two before but Joel had never played darts.  We had a blast.  We both won a few games.  Man, that little circle (called a bull's-eye I think) in the middle is really small; as in really hard to hit with a  dart.  Joel said it was fun and I could tell by the way he was throwing that this was something he really enjoyed.  I enjoyed playing darts and also enjoyed watching Joel have fun.

My brother brought Joel some baseball practice equipment this week. Joel got a two bats.  He also got a pretty long rope that has a baseball on one end of it. The idea is that I swing the ball around and Joel tries to hit it when it comes by him.  This is designed to help Joel concentrate on making contact with the ball. The idea is also that Joel will hit the ball somewhere beside directly between he and me.  If that happens, the ball comes right back at me which is no good.  So far, he has managed to hit the ball somewhere in front of him which is the ideal place.  Joel got some good practice at keeping his eye on the ball and learning to make contact when he swings.

My brother also brought Joel a long, limber, rubber stick with a ball on the end of it.  The idea is that I hold it out and Joel hits it with a bat.  Once again, the idea is to help him focus on making contact with the ball.  For Joel, the idea seems to be to see how hard he can hit it.

Joel and I had some fun times together today.  Neither one of us will probably ever be a dart champion; especially if we do not improve dramatically.  Joel is not ready for the big leagues after our baseball practice session today.  The goal was not to produce some level of ability with what I did with my son.  The goal was to spend some fun time with my son.  It would be beneficial if our day helped Joel in some way. It is much more important that he knows that I love him and enjoy spending time with him.   I would rather him know that I love and enjoy him than to teach him how to play sports.  Love relationships top sports any day.

Isn't it amazing that God wants a love relationship with us?  God wants to teach us things. We need to learn things from God.  Jesus died so we could be forgiven and have a relationship with Him. It was not so He could teach us to do things that he needed us to do. God can do anything He wants without us anytime He wants to do so.  He does not need me for anything. He got along perfectly fine in eternity past without me. Yet, He desires me in His family. That is amazing.  Mark 3: 14-15 says, " He appointed twelve that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach  and to have authority to drive out demons."  I noticed that the first thing Jesus wanted was for them to be with Him.

That's a great way to live life; with Him.  I want to be cognizant of the fact that all of life is to be lived "with Him."  Of course, Jesus is always with us but that is much different than living with the conscious awareness that I am with Him.  I am living my life in His presence. When I can live my life in a way that constantly pleases Him in whose presence I live, that will be hitting the bulls eye.

Living the abundant life with Him,

3 things I thank God for today
1. Eternal life
2. Time to spend with family and friends
3. Belts

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