Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 63- A Hanging First

This afternoon I realized that I did not have any ideas for a “first” today.  I’m preaching a revival at night so I did not have lots of time to come up with something.  I turned to the book that I read that inspired me to do a year of “firsts” and read through some of the things that she did in her year.  I read “hang upside down.”  Well, says I, that might as well be my “first” for today.

The first problem was where I would hang upside down.  There was nowhere that seemed suitable in the house or church.  Looking outside it appeared it would have to be a tree.  So, how do I get up high enough in a tree with a suitable limb from which to hang?  I found an old swimming pool ladder and managed to finagle it to where I could somehow manage to get my legs around a limb.  This was not as easy as I had hoped.  There is something to be said for well thought out plans.  Whatever it is to be said would not be said for my “first” today.

 I hung upside down from a limb for my “first.”  I was glad I was able to manage this.  I was able to climb up and throw my legs over and secure myself that way.  I have to say I am somewhat disappointed in my “first” for today.  I never did turn loose with both hands and hang with just my legs holding me up. That was my plan.  I turned loose with one hand at a time but never with both hands.  I thought I could.  I came very close to trying it.  The downside was if I could not I would fall from about 10 feet on my head. The old risk/reward thing came into play and it seemed to fall (pun intended) on the side of holding on with at least one hand.  I still think I could have done it.  I am a bit disappointed that I did not.  I am pretty sure I am not disappointed enough to try it tomorrow.

I’m still glad I did a “first.”  It was not as good as I hoped but it is a lot better than skipping it altogether.  It is that way with our life with Jesus sometimes.  Not everything we believe God wants us to do will turn out exactly as we hoped.  Sometimes we’ll share our faith and people will not respond as we hoped.  Sometimes we might forgive someone who does not forgive us back.  Sometimes we might reach out to someone in love and they may not respond back in a positive way.  Many times I’ve preached and it did not go exactly as I hoped.  The joy comes in the obedience.  I would rather obey and it not go as I had hoped than disobey and be wrong with God and live with regret.  I encourage you to press on in obedience and leave the results with God.  I believe He’s a lot more pleased with imperfect obedience than disobedience.


Seeking to obey for the abundant life



3 things I thank God for today

1. Revival services at Mobley Creek Baptist Church
            2.  Music ministry of Jason Gunter

3. Pastor Terry Powell

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