Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 68- Another Sunday Lunch First

As I wrote last Sunday, Sunday lunch is often a big deal for church folks in the South. Today we had some kind of chicken (it was very good), beans, and pineapple casserole.  I love the pineapple casserole.  Oh yea, and cherry maple flavored smoked elk.  That's right, I had elk for lunch as my "first." I offered my family to do this as a "first" as well.

Hannah Grace seems to be leaning toward a no on the elk. 
Laura is in 
Joel says yes, a bit tentatively
Some sort of elk

So, we tried the elk.  It was pretty good. Joel was surprised he liked it as much as he did. Without a doubt, it beat the crickets from last week hands down (hooves down?).  One could definitely taste the cherry maple flavor. It was a bit chewy, though I guess you could expect that since I bought it at a beef jerky place.  Maybe the elk was a jerk.  Of course, if you wanted to shoot me and make a meal out of me, I might be a bit of a jerk about it, too.

If you see me rubbing my head against a tree this week, you'll know the old adage "you are what you eat" has some truth in it.   Maybe I'll go out and bugle.  Joel and I just watched a Youtube video of an elk bugling.  It's really more of a high pitched sound than I thought. It does not have nearly the masculine feel to it that I expected. Joel asked why they did that and I told him it was their way of getting a girl friend.  He said, "I don't see what's interesting about that."  I agree that dinner and a movie sounds more attractive.

It is true as we grind out food with our teeth and digest it that it becomes a part of us.  It's kind of like that with our spiritual food.  What we allow from God's word to sink deep into us and we believe and obey it (which is equal to obeying God) it becomes a part of us. If we just listen and then go do our own thing, we lose that part of the Word. In other words, it really doesn't affect us; it does not become part of us. The Bible says it's like the devil comes and steals that part away that we do not obey. It's kind of like spiritually losing your lunch.  How about that for a nice devotional thought.  Maybe I could preach a sermon "Don't lose your lunch."  Truthfully, it's easy to be deceived into believing that just because we heard the Word that it is profiting us.  No, it's only as we obey God that the Word really becomes a part of us and changes us to be more like Jesus. 

Keeping my lunch for the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Elk
2. His word is true
3. Spirit teaches us His Word

 Pictures from yesterday's first 

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