Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day 72- A Very Cool Sponsorship First

This morning we said goodbye to our Ugandan friends.  We have hosted Ugandan Thunder (a children's choir from Uganda touring the U.S. raising money to help feed, educate, and medicate over 5,000 Ugandan children) since Monday. What a meaningful week this has been for our church family. It's amazing how quickly you can fall in love with a group of God's precious children.

We were very excited about them coming. Hannah Grace and Joel both gave up their beds and slept on mattresses on the floor (actually Joel was on a sleeping bag)  so Irene and Ivan could sleep in their beds.  They were very sweet in welcoming them to our home and their rooms.

Saying goodbye to Irene and Ivan; Ivan liked the sunglasses we gave him

We first met Pastor Ted Moody and Ugandan Thunder 2 years ago.  It was then that we felt led to sponsor a child by donating $9 a month to Pennies for Posho (the organization's official name).  They are able to feed, educate, and medicate children for that low amount because there is very little overhead.  In addition to sponsorship, the choir helps raise money and there is no TV or media ads. It seemed like a no-brainer that we would sponsor at least one child for that low amount.  We went to the support table and picked out a girl named Lillian Kyazibe. We were given a picture of Lillian to remind us to pray for her.  You know where her picture is, right?  That's right, on that door that opens more than any other door in the house; the refrigerator door.  Almost every day, we pray for Lillian by name (first name only).  We usually pray for her when we thank God for our food at meal times.  Last year when Ugandan Thunder was here, we asked some of the children if they knew Lillian.  Some did.  It was such a treat to be able to ask questions about her.  We asked things such as "What is she like?  Is she happy?  Does she do well in school?"  It must be a parent thing to ask the school question. It just sort of comes out.

So, this year Laura asked one of the choir members is she knew Lillian.  She said, yes, Lillian's sister is here.  What???  That's right, this girl that we have prayed for almost every day for 2 years has a sister named Elizabeth and she was here.  She sang in our church and we had the opportunity to meet her.  We plied her with questions and told her many things to tell Lillian when she gets back to Uganda.  Of course, I don't expect her to remember to tell Lillian all that we asked, but hopefully she will tell Lillian about meeting her sponsors and that we pray for her a lot.

Lillian's sister Elizabeth and Lillian's picture from the refrigerator
 At first glance, this picture looks a lot like the other one.  It does at second and third glance as well.

This was one of those sweet gifts from the Lord that we did not even think to ask for. Sometimes God just gives you a gift that is extra sweet and providential and all you can do is say thank you.  This was indeed a special time for our family.  We are not able to meet Lillian right now, but meeting her sister will truly be a gift we'll remember for a long time. It makes us want to sing, "How Great is our God!" I trust today that you will be able to think back over your life and remember some extra sweet and kind gifts that God has given you that you did not even think to ask for.  Give Him some praise and thanksgiving for His goodness today!  The Bible says that every good and perfect gift comes from God.

Grateful for the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Meeting Elizabeth
2. The privilege of sponsorship
3. Lillian

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