Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 70- A "Break the Egg" First

If you've jumped on a trampoline, perhaps you have played "break the egg."  Break the egg is a game where one person sits in the middle of a trampoline with his/her knees up to his/her chest with his/her arms wrapped tightly around them.  The other jumpers try to bounce this middle person high in the air so that their arms come loose from around their legs; thus breaking the egg.

Today I played "break the egg" with 4 Ugandan boys as my "first."  I mean, just jumping on a trampoline with Moses is a "first."

Getting in the "egg" position; needs to be a tad tighter (which he did before we bounced him)

Kevin, Dennis, Moses, and Nassim

My break the egg buddies

So, the boys were all about playing on the trampoline.  I was sitting in a chair keeping watch over my flock by afternoon.  I guess this was so if one of them broke a body part I could witness it.  How would you stop that from happening?  Then one of the guys says, "Pastor, come play 'break the egg' with us."  I knew how to play break the egg because I have played it with Hannah Grace and Joel (my favorite kids to play with).  On the trampoline I go and it is "break the egg" time.  It was great fun; lots of laughing.  In all fairness and humility, I would say that I was probably the best egg in the bunch.  I'm sure that since I was heaviest and so the hardest to bounce high had nothing to do with it. They may (OK, did) outdance me last night, but I outbroke (?) the egg with them today.

It was fun to be invited in to play.  I was very content watching them play, but when they invited me to play it made me feel good.  People like to be included. It feels good to feel wanted.  Did you know that Jesus wants you? He sure didn't die for His health. He died so you and I could be included in His family. Tell Him thank you. Get to know Him.  Why not make Him your highest love?  Nobody else is worthy of that place in your life.  The songwriter wrote, "Jesus included me, yes, He included me, When the Lord said, “Whosoever,” He included me.”  That's worth a hallelujah!

So, invite Him into every area of your life. He is the best person to include in whatever life brings your way.  While you are at it, invite someone else. Invite them to lunch, church, for coffee, or to play "break the egg."  You might end up having a lot of fun and Jesus loves them, too.

Grateful to be invited into the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Trampoline
2. Jesus included me
3. Eggs

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