Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 87- A Local Restaurant First

Several years ago people started telling me there was a local restaurant here in Alabama that served crawfish.  Knowing I was from Louisiana, they thought I'd be excited about this information.  I was but it was a subdued excitement. The times I've eaten crawfish at a restaurant away from Louisiana have usually been fairly disappointing.

Last night, some very sweet friends called and invited us to go eat crawfish at this restaurant tonight.  So, we excitedly agreed. I ate crawfish at a local restaurant for my "first" today.

This was a "first" that I was excited about doing. Even if the crawfish bombed, I knew this place had a reputation for really good steak and seafood.  The whole family was pretty excited about a night out to eat with dear friends.  To make the day a really fun day, we went to the movies before supper.  Laura and the kids watched the movie about the Muppets and I watched "God's Not Dead."  The kids are on spring break this week and this was a family day for us.

Laura and Phyllis enjoying each other

I made a happy plate; also means a happy Barry

Wow, I just thought I made a happy plate; way to Laura! I do confess to having ordered more than she did.

Joel wiped out some shrimp.

The crawfish turned out to be really good.  The spices were just about right (according to me).  Some people don't put enough spices in; it takes a good bit to soak through the shells and get to the crawfish.  Another mistake is to make them hot but not tasty. These were really good.  Joel enjoyed some fried shrimp.  He was delighted and relieved.  He was afraid he would have to eat off a kids menu and he loves fried shrimp and can easily eat a whole order. And he did.  Hannah Grace had some delicious (according to her) cheese sticks and french fries. She is a gal that knows cheese sticks. I should have come here before now!

It was a delightful evening.  Great food with dear friends enjoying uplifting conversation; that's just a good evening.  It is one of those evenings that you hate to see come to an end. You can only eat so many crawfish (for me it's a good bit) and then you do need to go to bed before daylight. I've heard people say that all good things must come to an end.  That's not true.  God promises that many good things last forever.  Family and friends that we have in Jesus last forever.  We never lose them. Even when a loved one dies that knows Jesus, we really haven't lost them. We know exactly where they are; with Jesus.  In heaven, conversations can last for as long as needed. I think even seafood lasts forever.  The Bible says that Jesus ate fish in his resurrected body. To me, that's a least a hint that we'll eat seafood in heaven.  Have  you ever been just sort of lost in worship.  Do you remember a time when you were singing or praying or hearing God's word and God's presence was just so real you did not want that time to end?  We have eternity to worship God is a way that is even more real than that. The best down here is by faith while up there it will be by sight.  Other precious gifts like joy, love, peace, and kindness are things that last forever. The reason is that God lasts forever and all of those things are found in Him.  When you have a day or an evening that is so good that you want it to last longer than it does, let that point you to a day that the good things really will last forever and glorify God for that.  He is source of all truly good times.

Enjoying a taste of the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Great tasting crawfish in Alabama
2. The Walters
3. Joel's sense of humor (he's been on a roll today)

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