Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 65-A Bio First

Laura has been invited to speak at some ladies thing in Flomaton, AL.  She is pretty excited about it.  She has a commitment to never pass up a chance to speak about the Lord. That's a good commitment to for any believer to make. 

She needs to send the people who are publicizing this a short bio to put on a flyer. So it can't be too long and the idea is that it will cause people to want to come hear her speak. Today she asked me if I would her write one.  So, my "first" for today is to write a short bio for my wife's speaking engagement.  I was excited to do this  because there are so many great things to write about Laura (in my humble and accurate opinion).

Is beautiful
Loves Jesus
Is a fantastic Wife
Is a great Mother
Is a super kisser
Loves the Bible
Loves to pray ( a lot and for long periods of time; don't ask her to ask the blessing if you want the food to be hot)
is up for about anything I've ever asked her to do for the Lord
Is funny
Loves to go on mission trips
Loves to speak about Jesus
Is compassionate
Has a heart for orphans
Enjoys football
Is compassionate
Watches Duck Dynasty with me
Likes action/adventure movies
Is lots of fun to hang out with

Should I mention that she ate crickets with me?

So, here's what I wrote for her:

Laura Wilkinson loves to go on adventures with Jesus.  He has led her to be a pastor’s wife, travel to foreign countries on mission trips, adopt a son from China, and share about the marvelous way Christ has changed her life. She never wants to pass up an opportunity to talk about how God has changed her life.  She would love to share with you about the wonderful adventures she has had with her Lord.

She says she likes it pretty well. Yay! Of course, she will tweak it some.  I did leave off the great kisser thing because that's only for me.  The cricket thing was tempting but I knew she would delete that. If I mentioned that she is an LSU fan that may not play well in Flomaton, AL.  Anyway, it was fun to try to help her.

As I thought about this, I thought what a great challenge it is live in a way that people have a lot of things to write about you if you were going to speak about Jesus.  To put it another way, are you a good advertisement for Jesus? This afternoon I helped preach a funeral for a dear friend of mine named Eugene Copeland.  He was a leader in our church for many years.  In many ways he was a very quiet man. Yet, he influenced many people for Christ. As I looked over the congregation, I could have asked people to stand up and tell how Mr. Eugene had influenced them for Christ and many could have stood and done just that.  I spoke about his commitment to Christ, his willingness to share Christ with others, and how he served His Lord by serving his church.  I also spoke about how he touched my family's life with his love and concern.  It really is hard to think about Hopewell Church without Mr. Eugene being a part of it.  His life is a great challenge to live a life that will draw others to Christ. May God raise more like him!

Grateful for those around me who live the abundant life


3 things I thank God for today
1. Laura's willingness to speak for the Lord
2. Apple juice
3. Mail

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