Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 81- A Shootin' It Down First

Today was one of those days that I had no idea for a "first." I'm walking outside about 6:00 this evening and wondering what I will do for a "first."  I'm looking up at the pine trees and I start wondering if I could shoot one of those pine cones down with my rifle. Aha!! There's a "first." I attempted to shoot pine cones down with my .22 rifle for my "first."

I probably did this as a kid.  I'm sure it's been longer than 20 years.  It's one of those things that sounds like fun but I probably would not have taken the time to actually do it if I was not doing a year of "firsts."  Since I needed a "first" it was a perfect time to have a little fun.  Joel was pretty excited about it as well. Laura and Hannah Grace got home from their retreat just about the time I was getting my rifle out.

So, I had my Duck Dynasty cap on and my warrior spirit.  I'm out for pine cones.  It's been a year or two since I shot my rifle and I was not sure if the scope was still on. It was the last time I shot it. Of course, with Joel, Hannah Grace, and Laura watching I did want to be successful.  In fact, I was already planning on what else I could shoot if I could not get a pine cone down (coke can, paper target, road signs). I shoot and I get a pine cone down on the 2nd or 3rd shot.  Yea! It was pretty funny when Laura, Hannah Grace, and Joel cheered.  I think I even heard a road sign cheer. Of course, I can't leave it alone at that point and keep shooting.  It turned out more successful than I thought.  This was pretty fun!

You can see where the bullet cut the cone from the tree

Anybody know a good pine cone recipe?

My evening turned out more fun that it would have if I had not been doing a "first."  This is one reason why I've decided to do this experiment this year. After I was done shooting, I was thinking about how that if you want to hit something, you have to aim at it.  It reminded me of something that I read that Dallas Willard wrote.  He wrote something along the lines of "people are not growing to be more like Jesus because they simply don’t intend to.  They are not waking up in the morning and saying one of my goals today is to be more like Jesus than I was yesterday or last week."  That has stuck in my mind for several years. Is becoming more like Jesus on the forefront of our minds?  Is this one of the goals of our lives?  How can we hit it if we are not aiming at it?

This is one of God's major goals for my life.  He wants me to be like Jesus.  He's about making me holy. This will require obedience, a willingness to be different, and the belief that becoming like Jesus is worth it. Without those things (at least), I will never grow much in holiness.  Hopefully you'll go to church tomorrow.  When you do, don't forget to ask, "How is this making me more like Jesus?"  Or, "How do I respond to God today so that I can be more like Jesus?" Since God is about making me holy, if I am not moving that direction I will be working against God.  That does not sound like a good idea.  Aim high!

Aiming for the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Hannah Grace and Laura had a great time at the Mother/Daughter retreat
2. The Holy Spirit is working to make me holy
3. My rifle

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