Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 71- A Picnic First

Today, I had an American/Ugandan picnic for my "first."

We have two Ugandan children (Ivan and Irene) staying with us for a few days.  Tonight is actually their last night here. I'm predicting tears for the morning forecast around 8:00 which is their scheduled departure time. Since this is their last full day with us, we checked Hannah Grace and Joel out of school a little early and we had a picnic lunch together. Joel and Hannah Grace have not had a lot of time to spend with Ivan and Irene due to busy schedules. We asked Irene and Ivan what their favorite food was.  The answer: pizza and fried chicken. I was really glad they did not say something like prime rib and lobster.  Hannah Grace and Joel love pizza and fried chicken as well so we were all set. We had pizza and fried chicken at Dream Park for our picnic.

It was definitely a happy time.  True to kid form, as soon as they were done eating, it was off to the playground at Dream Park.  It turns out some more of our church and Ugandan friends were there, too.  They played on the swings, climbed on the climbing things, and played hide and seek.  True to kid form, we had to say several times, "It is time to go; really, it's time to go.  OK, that's cute, but it is time to go."

Some kids just don't know when to stop 

Some things are pretty universal no matter where you are or where you are from.  The Ugandan kids love to play and eat just like ours do.  When one of the boys came over yesterday (I think it was Dennis), I asked him if he wanted to play something and he saw Joel's DSI and asked if he could play with it. I said yes and before I could get over there to show him how, he was into a game and playing away.  Another universal thing is that everyone needs love.  Everyone needs to be cared for and know that they belong. Everyone has sinned. Everyone needs to know there is a Savior and their sins can be forgiven and they can have a real and personal relationship with God.  Those who are followers of Jesus have the amazing privilege to sharing how to be in a right relationship with God.  Everyone needs to know.  It is up to the followers of Christ to help someone know.  It is easy for me to think about all the orphans in places like Uganda or Haiti and wish I could do something to help them.  I can do something for one or some.  If I will open my eyes and heart, I will find one or some right around me that need to know Jesus Christ in a real way and I can offer to help.  I have to remember that just because I can't do something for all doesn't mean I can't do something for one. Open my eyes and heart, Lord, to help one or some today.

Needing open eyes and heart for the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. John 3:16
2. Fingernails
3. Ice

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