Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 75- An Ant First

Do you know what's good about being a frog?  You get to eat what bugs you.

That is sort of what I did for my "first" today. Ants really bug me.  Today, I ate chocolate covered ants for my "first."

I did not know ants were the other red meat

Do you think Hannah Grace wants to eat the ants?

Joel ate the elk last week, but is a no on the ants

Laura is unsure about joining me on this first

Not great

Laura said, "I did not like the ants." She said it like she meant it.

The ants were not great.  It was not a bunch to it; just some crunch in your chocolate but the chocolate was not that great. If the chocolate had been better, the whole "eating ants" experience would have been better.  If you are going to eat ants, make sure you have good chocolate to go with it.

I hate ants. I usually chase them around the yard each summer with some sort of ant remedy.  I put some on an ant hill and 2 days later a small hill will pop up a few yards away.  It seems pretty difficult to get them completely gone.

Sin is like ants in our lives.  It's hard to get it completely gone.  However, if you don't fight against it, it will take over.  The ants are like that. If I don't try to eradicate them, they will be all over the place.  Just because I can't get every ant out of the yard does not mean I should not go after them.  I hate it when my child or someone else's comes in crying because they got bit by ants.  The more I get rid of, the less pain inflicted.  If someone gets bit and they are allergic, that can really be bad.

God has a powerful antidote to sin .The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin. The power of the Holy Spirit is enough for us to live dead to sin and alive to God (Romans 6: 3-11).  Life is so much better when sin is cleansed and gone.  I think I forget sometimes how wonderful holiness is.  John Eldredge wrote, " Ask the man consumed with jealousy how he would feel if he woke one day to discover that all he once felt jealous over was simply gone. Ask the raging person what it would be like to be free of rage or the alcoholic what it would be like to be completely free from addiction. Take the things you struggle with and ask yourself, “What would life be like if I never struggled with this again?” It would be an utter relief."

Sin does look fun and attractive at times.  Remember, it has a far worse bite than an ant.

Seeking holiness for the abundant life,

3 things I thank God for today
1. Ant poison
2. Chip Ingram's R12 Bible study
3. Hannah Grace ate a piece of elk

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