Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 84- A Card First

Joel and I were hanging out at the house together this evening. Laura had gone to exercise class and Hannah Grace was playing with a couple of her sweet friends.  Joel asked me if I wanted to play "Go Fish" with him.  I said sure and he went and got the Go fish cards. I have not seen Go Fish cards like the ones he had. They actually had pictures of fish on them. Instead of asking, "Do you have any 3's?" you ask, "Do you have any sharks?" Now, I know I've played Go Fish before and I've probably played with Joel and Hannah Grace. So, this may be a bit of a stretch for a "first." Today, I played Go Fish with Joel by himself with some unique cards for my "first."

It was fun.  We probably played 20 hands or so.  Joel hit a winning streak and demolished me for several hands in a row and started gloating (in a friendly way; we have a no gloating rule at our house) a bit.  Wouldn't you know I demolished him the next several hands.  The good thing about this is that we also have a no wagering rule at our house so nobody lost money. 
 Joel studying his next move carefully

Pretty cool face cards; sorry, uhh.. body cards, fish cards, animal cards?

Poker face; I mean Go Fish face

After a while, Joel started humming a song so I pulled it up on Youtube and played it.  Joel didn't like it so much on Youtube and asked if he could make a song selection.  I said sure and he typed in a song and played it.  He chose "God's Not Dead."  Now, it's a pretty good evening when you are playing Go Fish and jamming to "God's Not Dead" with your 9 year old son.  There is something pretty cool about that.

While we were playing, Joel said, "I like playing with you, Daddy."  I said, "I like you playing with you, Joel."  That's one of those moment that money or MasterCard can't buy.  Go Fish is honestly not my favorite game.  It's was really fun today.  You take Go Fish and throw in "God's Not Dead" chosen by your son and then mix in a "I like playing with you, Daddy" and that's a recipe for fun.

It's a good reminder that life is not always about what you are doing but who you are with at the moment. If we can remember to be "in the moment" with that person, most activities become much more meaningful. I may not love Go Fish (though it is pretty fun), but I love bonding with Joel. Of course, Jesus is the best person to be aware of in any moment.  As I have reflected on Joel's comment, I wonder if Jesus would say, "I've enjoyed my day with you."  That's the best reflection we can have on any day. Think about enjoying your day with Jesus.  More importantly, make sure He enjoys the day with you. It's more about the relationship than what you are doing.

Enjoying the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Go Fish with Joel
2. An old book titled  "The 3-Fold Secret of the Holy Spirit" by James McConkey
3. The communion of the Holy Spirit

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